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Stratus—Powered by Kinemagic is the only VR solution for heavy industrial that allows you to save money by removing design flaws before construction begins.

Use Stratus for operator training as well, and have your team become proficient before they ever face real-life challenges.


Kinemagic Creates Evolutionary Software for AR and VR Experiences

Experience virtual reality collaboration

Design and upgrade your heavy industrial facilities from the command center of your desk.

Kinemagic’s software programs let you quickly experience CAD designs through our VR platform to provide ground-breaking immersion into your project.

Kinemagic is the source for cost-effective, time-sensitive planning tools so you can eliminate risks before construction begins and train operators before they encounter real-life scenarios.

Digital Twin

  • Attainably priced, faster, better VR experiences
  • Add value to design review and planning
  • Explore the field, anywhere


  • Expand accessibility to the onsite experience
  • Tailor training programs with detailed analytics
  • Close knowledge gaps evident in traditional training methods


  • Identify design issues before build begins
  • Eliminate problems pre-construction
  • VR experiences for heavy industrial design

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Powered by Kinemagic

Attainably priced, faster industrial VR experiences through automated software. Unlimited conversions and users, massive scale, conversions in hours not months.

Save Money

  • Save money over customized VR options
  • One license gives unlimited conversions and users
  • Reduce travel to facility

Gain Time

  • Convert CAD designs big and small in minutes or hours, not months
  • Create conversions weekly or daily to remain current
  • Streamline design by correcting issues early

Correct Design Flaws

  • Online collaboration to identify design flaws before build begins
  • Highlight any issues using our immersive tools
  • Step into the future of your design

Enhance Training

  • Explore facilities with the click of a button
  • Develop customized training programs
  • Prepare operators before they confront real-life dangers
Custom VR experience for the heavy industry