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Specialized Design

Kinemagic’s custom software approach creates whatever is most valuable for you.  We can implement features and procedures specific to what you and your team most need.  This might be how to manage a specific safety procedure, or a particular training module, or a tool that is unique to your project.  Objects can be interactable, tailored to what you need.

Four Reasons to Want Specialized Design

Our custom solutions help reduce cost of training on procedures and processes to complete automate your VR experiences.

Facility Specific Training

Train your operators in a digital twin of your own distinct environment. Operators can become familiar with your exact setting, well before they ever set foot in the facility.

Construction Animations

Construction is both detailed and complex. By animating the construction sequences it’s far easier for you to vet the construction elements. Ultimately this capability will help you identify construction-related problems before build begins. Our experience is the difference between reading a book that takes days to read, versus watching a movie in two hours.

Unique Process Animations

Let us create identical elements of your own facility, even if you’ve designed the tools just for this facility. Virtually test and use your tools in your digital twin, and train operators virtually on your own unique processes.

Competency Assessments

Traditional testing methods have been limited to multiple-choice tests or expensive recreations of physical activities. Our systems allow you to test competency in any dangerous environment as many times as you like without ever exposing your team members to risk.

Device Compatibility

Magic Leap
Oculus hardware
Vive virtual reality system
Microsoft Hololens
Windows Mixed Reality

Specialized Design Examples

Safety Training

Ops Assessments


Fluid Animations