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Release Notes

Check in here to get the latest on Stratus development!

Version 3.84 - 9/27/21

PDF Viewer

  • All PDFs uploaded to the Stratus portal for a specific asset can be quickly viewed and accessed inside the Stratus experience.
  • Review design documents with your teammates while inside your facility

Improved Desktop Experience

  • Improved rendering for Desktop users allows lower spec PC’s to access Stratus

Version 3.79- 9/9/21

Point Cloud Renderer Improvement

  • Enjoy a smoother point cloud viewing experience
  • Smoothed loading and unloading of points within a point cloud

Find/Join Meetings with Ease

  • Brand new meetings menu helps you find any meetings hosted in assets that you have access to
  • Just tap “Meetings” in the Stratus Main Menu and see all available meetings!

HD Viewing Mode

  • When viewing in VR, toggle the HD mode to demo or record your experience!


Version 3.65 - 7/16/21

New Customized Avatars!

  • Display your company logo on your virtual hardhat!
  • Each organization has a unique identifier that helps you stand out.

Measurement Tool Improvements

  • Resolved issue with world-space measurement not updating with units of measurement (UoM)
  • Modified the available UoM to include feet and inches as well as centimeters.
  • Modified shape of  measurement points to be more precise.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Added log out functionality within the Stratus menu
  • Bug fixes


Version 3.61 - 7/2/21

Procedure Tool 

  • Create your own virtual procedures in an organized fashion
  • Maintain a file hierarchy of your own user-generated procedures
  • Procedure steps can have descriptions, screenshots , and 3D annotations attached.
  • Collaborate on procedures with colleagues from around the world.


Exporter Version 2.2 - 6/4/21

Improved Exporter

  • New Exporter interface that gives the user current status of their model conversion!
  • Improves the reliability of model conversions

Version 3.50 - 4/27/21

Point Cloud Collision [BETA]

  • Take measurements by placing measurement points on the point cloud!
  • Users can now teleport by aiming at point cloud locations.
  • Field note placement in Desktop mode is significantly improved.
    • Simply click around in the point cloud to place your field note precisely where you want, then confirm the location.

Various Bug Fixes

  • VR user menu tablet flickering in certain models is resolved.
  • Metadata tagging bug in certain models is resolved.

Version 3.44 - 3/19/21

Model Rendering Improvement

  • Reduced object flickering (Z-fighting)
    • NOTE – Models run with previous converter should be re-converted to reduce flickering
  • Added Anti-aliasing option setting

Consolidated Port Listing

  • Reduced number of ports required for multi-user communication

Various Bug Fixes

Version 3.28 - 2/26/21

Grouping Functionality Added

  • Add annotations and field notes to Groups.
  • Toggle visibility of grouped objects to focus only on what’s important for the task at hand!

Bug Fixes

  • VR menu pointer issues
  • VR Camera tool not capturing field notes
  • VR Annotation brush stroke starting while using the menu