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Stratus Software

Stratus is designed for the heavy industrial development community to eliminate the labor- and time-intensive process of converting CAD models into VR.  We’ve automated that process for you, so you control an easily manageable, quick turnaround process and

have an immersive digital twin in minutes–not days or weeks.

Stratus Supports Point Cloud Integration!

As groups refocus on achieving greatest ROI from existing facilities rather than constructing new spaces.  laser scans become essential when considering the condition of aging structures during project design and construction planning.  The Point Cloud Integration tool supports this emphasis on enhancing yield at lowest cost and risk.

The Point Cloud Integration tool can easily display laser scans around from 10s of gigabytes in file size and accepts multiple formats including las, laz, binary ply, xyz, ptx, or pts.

PC Mode

If you don’t have VR equipment, no problem.  Join your colleagues using Stratus PC Mode.

Fly-through your Digital Twin using your mouse and keyboard, instead of Virtual Reality equipment.

Desktop Spectators depicted by a drone avatar are able to:

  • Create and join meetings with colleagues
  • Communicate with others using their computer microphone and speakers
  • Utilize a unique Desktop Spectator toolset (which includes the measuring tool, meta data retrieval tool, and more)

Why Use Stratus?

Streamline your project design with inventive, collaborative VR software that makes your review and planning process faster, cheaper, clearer.  Kinemagic expands options for you to easily explore your facilities with the click of a button.

Save money with our digital twin software

 Save Money

Eliminate the need for entire teams to travel for site visits or training.  Reduce costs, time and labor by refining your design without ever setting foot onsite.

Gain time with our Stratus software

Gain Time 

Work with your digital twin in minutes, not months.  Then, create new, updated digital twins as often as you choose, so your planning is entirely current.

Virtual design review

Correct Design Flaws

Virtually walk through your facility before construction begins. Identify–and correct–problems with the plans to save time and money once your facility is built.

Virtual reality training software

Enhance Training

Dispense with training centers, requiring travel, lodging and facilities.  Instead have your operators train from the command center of their own desks. 

VR Device Compatibility

Experience virtual reality collaboration

Our full capability VR users need two hardware items to be successful:

  1. A tethered VR headset such as:
    1. an HTC Vive or Vive Pro
    2. an Oculus Rift S, or
    3. a Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset
  2. A computer with the following capacity:
    • CPU: Intel i5-4590 or Greater
    • RAM: 16GB or Greater
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070 or Greater
    • Navisworks Simulate 2018 or newer or Manage 2019 or newer

Massive CAD Models

VR solutions for large CAD files

Stratus is designed to accommodate your massive CAD files, a feature other software programs can’t offer. 

Now you can create digital twins for even the largest facilities in minutes or hours, not months.

Once created, our digital twins load in seconds so you can get to work.

Stratus Features

 Multi-user collaboration real-time, from around the world.

Drop Notes


Virtual whiteboard collaboration

Travel to your chosen points of interest


Collaborative virtual environments

Take Measurements


Virtual collaboration tools

Import meta-data from your CAD designs

CAD augmented reality

Capture Images

Content Management

Virtual team collaboration software

Stratus is enabled to download both digital twins and previously created custom solutions for easy access and complete functionality. All of your applications can be stored in Stratus so anyone with correct credentials can access files whenever they need. Eliminate the need to send files, share files, or use third-party storage systems. Stratus takes care of that for you.

Stratus FAQs

How long does it take to convert my model to a VR experience?


It takes minutes or hours, not months.  You can see your small model conversion as quickly as you can answer your morning e-mails.  For larger models, just click “Start” and in a few hours you’ll be exploring your facility.





Are there limitations on Stratus’ conversion capabilities?


Stratus already excels at converting and optimizing large files, and there is still ground to cover. We’re always working to increase our file size capabilities.

If the file is currently too large, please section the model in Navisworks and then run the conversion process again. Please drop us a line if you experience this issue.  We’re here to help you.

How long does it take for a model to convert?


Conversion times vary with regard to model size. For example, smaller models can take a matter of minutes. Don’t be afraid to let our plug-in run in the background. Larger models may even run overnight.

Is Stratus secure?


Stratus has implemented a number of processes to ensure your data security, including 2-Factor authentication and SOC2 security (audit underway).

How is user access managed?


Stratus brings user access controls directly to you. Typically, organizations designate individual users with administrative controls.

How exactly do I use Stratus?


Stratus is a simple process:  Model Conversion and VR Experience

  1. Download Stratus Software just as quickly and easily as you download any other software.
  2. Model Conversion – In this step, all you have to do is run the Kinemagic Navisworks plug-in while viewing your model!
  3. VR Experience – After your model is done converting, you simply download the VR executable file from your Stratus portal.

What equipment do I need to use Stratus?


To convert models to VR experiences:  A PC with Navisworks Simulate or Manage installed

VR Model Viewing:  A VR Compatible PC AND Oculus Rift Headset or Vive Pro Headset (More compatibility coming!) with Stratus installed.

Desktop Model Viewing:  An enterprise grade PC with Stratus installed.

How do I access multi-user features?


In the main menu, press “Meetings”. You have the option to join another person’s meeting that they have created, or you can create one by pressing “Host Meeting” and inputting a meeting name. Optionally, you may create a password to allow only select users to join.

Does Stratus work with other CAD model viewers?


Currently, the Stratus plug-in is designed for Navisworks Simulate (2018-2021) and Manage (2019-2021).  More to come with updates in the future!

How many users can join a single meeting?


As few as two and as many as 50 users.

Stratus seems oriented toward VR users, do you also build AR applications?


Absolutely! Our Specialized Design teams are designing AR applications for a wide range of industries including things like the connected worker, contextual training and real-time IoT data.

I think you really need a feature, how can I let you know?


Please email us at with ways in which we can improve your experience. All feedback is helpful!

I cannot hear or speak to anyone in my meeting, help!


Please make sure your default audio devices are “Oculus Rift S Headphone/Mic” and not the virtual devices if on an Oculus Rift, or Vive headphone/mic if you are on an HTC Vive or Vive Pro.

This is so cool! I am a developer and want to work on this, are you hiring?


We are always looking for the best and the brightest, so drop us a resume at

Stratus was developed with support from Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.