Kinemagic - Evolutionary Software for AR and VR Experiences
Why Kinemagic

Kinemagic puts designers, contractors and operators on your site–virtually– to reduce costs, save time and improve efficiencies.  



Kinemagic is an immersive software technology

development company. Immersive means the whole broad category of XR, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, in this case for heavy industrial companies.


Our immersive digital twins are unlocking greater potential in project development than ever before possible.   

We're Secure!

Kinemagic has obtained our Type 1 SOC 2 certification, demonstrating our commitment to building and maintaining secure AR/VR software for our clients to manage their complex facilities and operations – from anywhere in the world.

Our system of controls was evaluated and tested by an industry third party audit team to ensure we satisfy the highest standards of security requirements for both commercial and military usage.  This milestone is an important demonstration of our company’s practices and maturation cycle in security excellence.

Digital twin software industrial applications

Digital Twin

Our digital twins provide an exact replica of your design, and our technology allows you to walk through that replica virtually.  No more images in PowerPoint; now your teams can experience your facility precisely as it will look and feel. 

Virtual reality training with Oculus


Companies use our software to create training scenarios for operators.  Imagine having your on-site team members arrive at your facility familiar with the site and prepared to address real-life scenarios before they ever take place.

Augmented reality for construction projects


What if your design flaws were edited out, before construction began?  Kinemagic helps you reach that goal. Rather than enduring costly and time-consuming change orders, our software allows you to assess how your designs will function, while you walk through the site virtually.

We Know Your Business

Our team is comprised of expert software developers hailing from some of the leaders in the tech industry to pros in the massive industrial space.  Uniting those two types of expertise is what makes Kinemagic’s offerings so focused and effective.  Try us out!

AR industrial applications


What if I only have a high-level scope of work in mind?


No problem! Give us a call and we’ll brainstorm a tailored scope of work that helps your team achieve its goals.

How much of my time will have to be dedicated to supporting the Kinemagic team during a project?


At Kinemagic, we pride ourselves on our industry expertise.  We want you to be able to go about your daily business without having to explain how your simulation should work.

What sets Kinemagic apart from other software development teams?


Kinemagic blends the best in relevant industry experience with high-end game development capabilities to offer rich, impactful content to your application.

What immersive hardware do you design for?


We are hardware agnostic, and can use any type of immersive hardware. We’re always testing the bleeding edge of immersive hardware to ensure we are ready to offer the best solution.

What sort of experience does the Kinemagic team have?


We have industry subject matter experts, gaming development, production, art design, front end and back end development capabilities.

What industries have you built immersive experiences for?


A wide range! Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Medical, Government, and Military.

Why use VR at all?


Virtual Reality is a cost-effective way of creating tools for learning, testing, and design. It can reduce costs, limit risk to hazards, and is fully extendable to quickly update as your needs change.

How does XR save me money?


Recurring expenses and time wasters like travel, hotels, stipends, building and maintaining testing facilities are only some of the areas our software solutions can help you operate more efficiently.  By designing, teaching, and training using the latest tools at your disposal, you can improve outcomes from the command center of your desk.

Our workforce is not the “gamer type”, can we still see benefits from using your products?


Absolutely! Our designers and programmers are focused on creating a comfortable and intuitive product for your team that anyone can pick up and use.

Can we try out your applications?


We would be happy to visit with you to demonstrate a sample of what we’ve been working on! Email us at and we can set up a Lunch-and-Learn, where lunch is on us!

What VR Headsets do you support?


We can support any headset on the market, and can help you integrate your own equipment. If you have already invested in headsets and want to get the most out of them, reach out to