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World-wide data, meet your facility

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Have you ever wanted to show someone an important online document or video when you’re in the field?  Maybe you were trying to explain how a certain type of compressor works to a new operator.  Or maybe you’re trying to build an isolation plan and you need a relevant P&ID. Well, guess what.  Now you can do those things with Stratus.

Stratus enables operations groups to collaborate inside a virtual version of their facilities.  With the new hyperlink functionality, Stratus users can quickly open and share relevant files, videos, etc. while walking their virtual site.  When using VR gear, opening hyperlinks is like popping up a virtual billboard in your facility and displaying your intranet/internet-stored content with the click of a button.  Operations groups with document management systems can open relevant procedures, equipment drawings, P&IDs without spending resources on third-party integrations.  Simply place a link in your Stratus facility and off you go!

Let’s take it one step further:

Many groups have their own internal video content storage system – a “company-specific YouTube” of sorts – with all kinds of great training and learning content.  Well, you guessed it.  Attach a link to your video and, in seconds, you can watch the video while exploring your facility.  Operators and maintenance teams can collaborate INSIDE the plant/refinery/offshore rig with all documents and videos they need to get the job done.

If you need more information about Stratus or would like to learn more about the VR web browser in particular, reach out to today!

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