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Stratus – The new normal for job planning

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How often do you find out in the middle of your critical maintenance job that your job plan was missing a necessary step?  Maybe the planner didn’t realize Ops needed a scaffold to access a valve to perform LOTO. Or maybe insulation needed to be stripped from a couple flanges before the work could get started.  Anyone who’s experienced this knows just how important the accuracy of job plans are.  In my years of operations experience, I encountered multiple minor mistakes causing hours, and sometimes days, of lost production ($$$).  Don’t just take it from me.  We struggle with this across the board.

This begs the question: Why are we still only using 2D pictures and text to plan critical Ops and Maintenance activities?

With Kinemagic’s Stratus Platform, teams can quickly plan, practice and distribute critical job plans in a 3D replica of their facility.  This means multiple people can join a meeting INSIDE their site.  Discuss critical details. Solve problems without exposing employees to field hazards or losing time in travel to the facility.

Here’s a customer example from a group that operates a large heavy industrial facility:

It’s almost turnaround execution time. Ops needs a temporary prep header installed.  This is a long 2″ piping run with multiple tees and tie points for Ops to “prep the unit”.  In a previous turnaround, the prep header had tees installed in the incorrect location due to a short-sight on the job plan.  This required the construction crew to rework the prep header installation ($$ to modify its configuration).  In addition, this mistake led to an additional 16-hours of downtime for production because prep time extended past schedule ($$$). Not to mention the associated headache and frustration…

They didn’t make the same mistake again.  This time around, the turnaround group and Ops group hopped into Stratus.  The group documented important requirements for the job in 3D space.  Ops drew mark-ups in the virtual facility to show where the prep header should run. They agreed where tees should be located. At the end of the day, safety, Ops, and construction approved the job plan TOGETHER.  This was all completed from the safety of the office.  Not only did it save a huge amount of time and money, it also eliminated field hazard exposure for all employees involved.

This is a real life example where our customers are saving actual money.  To learn more and see how you can do the same, check out Stratus in the link below: